Monday, September 29, 2008

there are beets in peru too

mmm empanadas
they make the day so delightful

quick update for those in the dark. Peace Corps was evacuated from Bolivia Sept. 14th 2008 after president Evo Morales kindly asked the ambassador of the US to leave the country. Amazing things going on in Bolivia these days, quite interesting in fact, but maybe not the best place to try and get work done amidst road blocks, gas shortages and consolidations. In my eight months of service we had, I believe, 6 EAP's (emergency action plans), 2 consolidations, and 1 evacuation. Quite the record.

So for those wondering, yes I am still in Peace Corps, but have moved to Peru, the northern province of Piura. Really terrible to leave Bolivia and my Bolivia volunteers, but now we have many people to visit all over the world! Today I am going to site for the first time. It is about four hours on the bus, up in the mountains where i hear it smells like roasting coffee half the year and the other half it rains. I will be living in a much larger community than in Bolivia which will be a change, in a good way. Looking forward to getting settled again and not feeling like I am floating around in PC limbo. The paperwork and transfer process was not the most fun thing to do. But that is done now and I LOVE Bolivia, so much, I cant wait to go back and visit and see all the things I planned to see and do. Someday soon. For now I will concentrate on getting to know Peru. I changed projects from Ag to youth development and am excited to play with kids but still have plans for a community garden and to hang out with the coffee growers some.

new mailing address:

Lebo Moore
Cuerpo de Paz
Apartado Postal 066
SerPost Piura
Piura, Peru
South America

looking to get some postcards out soon! Hope everyone is well. Prayers to Mittens and Grandma and Grandpa are comming from me from across the Panama canal. Maybe I'll see some of you done here soonish, you know Lima has Starbucks....crazy!

will post again with news of the rainforest, maybe I can have a monkey as a pet....?

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